10 questions to get the best results for bathroom renovation

1. Do I need a warm floor?

2. Do I want to move the plumbing for more rational use of bathroom?

3. Do I need to move the door to the bathroom?

4. Do I want move/destroy a partition?

5. Do I need a bidet or a hygienic shower?

6. Do I want to make built-in closets and shelves?

7. Do I want more energy-efficient and modern lighting?

8. Do I want to place a clothes dryer in the bathroom?

9. Do I need a window in the bathroom?

10. How many electrical outlets do I need?

Why are these items so important? Because they directly affect the work stages and the repair budget. For example, the installation of a warm floor requires complete dismantling of the old floor, and the bathroom's moving will requires the laying of water supply and drainage pipes, for which it is necessary to partially break the walls and floor. To install a hygienic shower, you need to make one more water supply point, etc.

Then clearer your vision of the final results before the work, then better results you get.

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